Gait Analysis - Find the perfect running shoe

At RunActive we want you to RunHappy

When fitting a running shoe we have a very easy approach and process:

  • We want the fit to be generous on your foot. No more black toe-nails
  • We video you run on our treadmill at a pace you are comfortable with
  • We discuss what we see - looking in particular at how the foot pronates
  • We select a choice of well-fitting shoes
  • We aim for you to want the one that is most comfortable

All our staff are experienced runners and like to discuss what you are after in a running shoe

The choices are endless, for example:

  • Road Shoes for daily mileage
  • Fast road shoes for race days
  • Track spikes
  • Trail shoes suitable for both road and trail
  • Shoes for muddy conditions

Through our RunHappy process you'll end up with a perfectly fitted running shoe (or two)