Gait Analysis - Find the perfect running shoe

Appointments are now open! Social distancing and mask use is still required at all of our locations.

Please make sure to confirm your appointment by checking out as soon as possible.

At RunActive we want you to RunHappy. 

When fitting a running shoe we have a very easy approach and process:

  1. We want the fit to be generous on your foot. No more black toe-nails
  2. We video you run on our treadmill at a pace you are comfortable with
  3. We discuss what we see - looking in particular at how the foot pronates
  4. We select a choice of well-fitting shoes
  5. We aim for you to want the one that is most comfortable

All our staff are experienced runners and like to discuss what you are after in a running shoe - unfortunately there is no single shoe fit for all purpose.

The choices are endless, for example:

  • Road Shoes for general mileage
  • Fast road shoes
  • Track spikes
  • Trail shoes suitable for both road and trail
  • Shoes for muddy conditions

Through our RunHappy process you'll end up with a perfectly fitted running shoe (or two)