Virtual Classes - Are They The Future?

Virtual Classes - Are They The Future?-RunActive


They have wide range of workouts to choose from -

When selecting a new workout to try, virtual classes can provide a wide range of different classes to choose from. Whether you crave a full HITT workout or a focused Pilates session, classes are accessible to you on platforms such as Gym Cube, YouTube and Apple Fitness+. By mixing up your fitness class, this will allow you to use different muscles in your body in a different way, while adding some variety to your workout routine. Trying a new class will allow you to challenge your body in new ways, making you stronger not only physically but mentally as learning new skills will help to keep the neurons in your brain firing better.

Gives a comfortable environment to build confidence -

Working out from home could be just the thing you need to kickstart your fitness journey, with online classes in a click of a button, there is no need to stress about traffic, parking or even wearing your best gym gear; you can enjoy exercising in the comfort of your own home. Online fitness classes are ideal for those who do not particularly like the idea of exercising in a large group. Virtual classes help build your confidence in a more private environment, at a pace that suits you best. From high impact to low, workouts are easily accessible without leaving your home.

Professional guidance at home -

Online workouts allow you to have the professional guidance you would receive in a standard fitness class, at home. This means you can pause or rewind any movements you do not understand and intuitively work on your own goals while having a model example in front of you. Although you will not have manual guidance from a coach or instructor you can compare movements with the demonstration on screen and gage what feels right to you. This will allow you to understand how to improve skills and achieve goals without the help of another person.

Flexible to your daily routine -

Accessible workouts online can be scheduled in at any part of your day. Whether you like to exercise at sunrise or sunset, the various apps and online sites will provide you with any workout to best suit you. As we are all getting used to ‘the new norm’ it is helpful to get into the habit of making time for a workout whether long or short, to get your body and mind engaged. You can enjoy your workout by yourself or with a member of your family, to give a fun and enjoyable variation to your exercise routine.

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