5 Tips On Running In The Dark Safely

5 Tips On Running In The Dark Safely-RunActive
  1. Avoid loud music:

Although music is a great tool to help you focus and stay motivated while running, when lighting conditions are poor blasting your tunes at top volume may not be the most sensible idea. By reducing your hearing means you are less likely to be aware of anything around or approaching you; including vehicles, obstacles and oncoming runners.

The new OpenMove headphones by Aftershokz uses bone conducting technology, leaving your ears free for any sounds of traffic or people around you. They are an essential when running in the dark; allowing you to enjoy your music while hearing any sounds around you.


      2. Wear lights:

When running in the early hours of the morning or dark evenings, investing in a high quality headtorch or chest light is a very practical idea. This will ensure you can clearly see your path and oncoming runners.

At RunActive, we recommend the Ledlenser headtorches and chest lights. The virtually non-glare optics and the swivel-mounted headlamp will light your path perfectly, while the Constant Current Mode keeps a constant illumination going right to the very end of your route. A perfect addition to your night running kit.


      3. Run with a friend or a group:

As the darkness falls quicker this season, it is a great idea to run with a friend or join a running group. Running in larger numbers will not only challenge you but help you to feel confident and safe while running in the dark. You can find many local running clubs to join or gather a group of your friends up and set goals together (while sticking to Covid regulations and guidelines of course.)


     4. Run against traffic:

When running in dim lit areas it is a smart choice to run against traffic. By doing this, you can clearly see any potential oncoming dangers, be visible to the drivers if you decide to cross the road and allow your reflective clothing to illuminate. When diverting onto a dim lit area or trail, away from headlights and cars, it is very important to be wearing lights to help you to see and be seen.


     5. Stay Visible:

For this new season, reflective and bright clothing are an absolute essential to add to your collection of running gear. The bright colours allow you to be seen in dark areas, while the reflective material illuminate parts of your clothing so any oncoming cars or runners will be able to see you clearly. Top Tip: make sure you are wearing hi-viz clothing on your front and back so you can be seen from both sides of traffic.


Our new ‘Be Seen, Be Safe’ collection includes a range of reflective and fluorescent clothing and accessories from bright waterproof jackets to reflective laces. This collection is designed to help runners to BE SEEN when running in the early morning or late evening. With brands including Ronhill and Ledlenser, all of your essentials for this season are included in this collection. Shop online at RunActive.co.uk or visit our stores. 

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