Goodr Yard Sale Survivor
Goodr Yard Sale Survivor
Goodr Yard Sale Survivor
Goodr Yard Sale Survivor

Yard Sale Survivor

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Goodr Yard Sale Survivor

Do you have an Uncle Rico complex? Stuck in '82? You don't need to buy a sketchy time machine on Craigslight to get back to the glory days of the 80's!!! Do yourself a favor and grab a pair of these totally rad Eat My Skis sunnies instead. Same good vibes, way less hassle. (Time travel paradoxes are so gnarly.)

"YARD SALE!!!!!"
"YARD SALE!!!!!" shouts everyone, as you eat it. Can you lie here in the snow forever? No. You sit up, look around. Yup. There's your skis, poles, gloves, hat, scarf, and pride, spewed across the slopes. You might spew, yourself. Ugh. Some nearby kids, adults, and marmots laugh. Wait, what? Marmots can laugh?! Bastards. Thankfully your sunnies survived to hide the tears freezing on your face. But they can't shield the profanities coming out of your mouth. is the trading name of Prosportswear Ltd a privately owned company originaly founded in 2012.

  • A company registered in England and Wales.
  • Company registration number: 10066421
  • Registered address: 19 Rectory Grove, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, SS9 2HA

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