2Toms Blister Shield - 6 Pack
2Toms Blister Shield - 6 Pack
2Toms Blister Shield - 6 Pack

Blister Shield - 6 Pack

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2Toms Blister Shield - 6 Pack

Six single use, travel size BlisterShield® packets. Each packet contains 2 teaspoons of BlisterShield® Powder.

No More Pain From Blisters! 100% Guaranteed! BlisterShield is removed from the skin with soap and water, and is ideal for use in shoes, boots, and gloves. BlisterShield creates an almost frictionless surface on the foot, reducing heat build-up and blister formation. When applied to the foot, this remarkable powder repels moisture….keeping skin dry and blister-free for lengthy periods of activity. BlisterShield significantly reduces discomfort and fatigue, resulting in increased performance and a more pleasurable exercise experience.

Why is BlisterShield Different? Other “all natural” blister prevention products on the market are derived from plant and animal fats, and function similarly to greases and ointments. Most inorganic powders absorb moisture and reduce friction; however, as they absorb moisture, their effectiveness in reducing friction declines. BlisterShield’s technologically advanced blister prevention formula never loses its effectiveness…. from start to finish.

Runners' World UK named 2Toms BlisterShield as its Gear of the Year!

How to Apply

  • For best results, wash and thoroughly dry your feet before applying BlisterShield, blister prevention product.
  • Wiping alcohol between toes after drying also helps reduce moisture.
  • Pour one level teaspoonful of BlisterShield into each sock.
  • Shake the socks to spread the powder uniformly.
  • For added blister protection, apply additional BlisterShield behind your heel after the sock is on.

Ingredients: PTFE, PE Wax

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