Tech Gore Tex Jacket

The Ultimate Waterproof And Breathable Running Jacket

Girl in a jacket

Ronhill have collaborated with Mountain Equipment - one of the world's premier outdoor brands. Combining everything they know about outdoor protection, with everything Ronhill knows about running to create the optimum runner's protection.

Persistent Beading

With the GORE-TEX membrane as the outer surface, water simply beads and runs off. Whether on the streets or the hills, you get no wetted face fabric, which means no chilling effect, and minimal weight gain.

Ultra Lightweight

GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ product technology is super light and has a low pack volume. So you can keep it on without it weighing you down. Even in the rain and wind, GORE-TEX remains breathable to keep you cool.

Totally Weatherproof

Every GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ product technology comes rigorously tested, innovative, and guaranteed waterproof protection. And whether its a tough hill session or your commute to work, keep warm in even the windiest conditions.