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Garmin Forerunner Series


You’re a runner, so train like one with Forerunner 45 or the smaller-sized Forerunner 45S. Both fuss-free watches monitor heart rate at the wrist and use GPS to track your pace, distance and more. They also work with free Garmin Coach adaptive training plans, which bring personal coaching to your wrist.

245/245 Music

You do the running. Forerunner 245 does the thinking. The 245 evaluates performance stats such as VO2 max, aerobic and anaerobic training effects, and training status  Store up to 500 songs right on your watch for phone-free listening, and even sync your favourite music from select streaming services.


Garmin’s Forerunner 945 is a running watch that offers advanced physiological features including training load focus and more that provide key insights into every element of your performance. Top navigation systems guide you with full-coloured, onboard maps that ensure you never get lost during a workout.

All Garmin Watches Feature

All Day Battery Life


24/7 Heart Rate

Connectivity Features

Sleep Monitoring

Activity Tracking