Ancient Minerals

Re-vitalise your body

At Runactive we are now stocking Ancient Magnesium products. Ancient Minerals is the #1 recommended brand for topical magnesium therapy, their ultra pure magnesium supplements are the safest, most efficient way to re-mineralize a magnesium-starved body. Ensuring your body is not deficient is very important as Magnesium is responsible for two of the most important cellular functions: energy production and cellular production.

I no longer have the leg aches or cramps I used to have and I’m sleeping better at night and do not seem to have as much tension. These are great benefits!

I can’t even begin to tell you what this simple mineral has done for me. Within a short period of a couple of weeks I am a different person. No longer am I chasing an elusive creature taking over my life and leaving me in shambles. I am calm and at peace.