Apex 46mm
Apex 46mm
Apex 46mm

Apex 46mm

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The COROS APEX is a premium watch built for high level and ultra athletes that require advanced statistics to evaluate their training and performance.  The features of the watch include:  

Ultra-long battery life


  • In UltraMax mode the APEX can last up to 100hrs in GPS mode. 
  • In normal GPS mode the battery will last 35hrs
  • with regular day-day usage the battery will last up to 30 days. 

Unique algorithms

The training guide by COROS utilises unique algorithms for aerobic and anaerobic training which provide details on lactate threshold and recommended intensities for warm-up, training and cool-down.  

Smart feedback

To prevent injury and illness APEX will inform you when to have rest days.  It achieves this by monitoring stamina levels and training effect to determine the overall exertion made in each training session.


If you lose the trail you can get back on track with the navigation track feature.  Uploaded route are displayed in real time as bread crumb trails with direction and elevation to help you find your route. 

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