Ancient Minerals

At Runactive we are now stocking Ancient Magnesium products. Magnesium is well known to have lots of health benefits which can help with the recovery of your muscles after exercise. The mineral is essential for our overall good health as it helps our body’s maintain a good balance, as well as help us avoid illness and enable us to perform well under stress. Ensuring your body is not deficient is very important as Magnesium is responsible for two of the most important cellular functions: energy production and cellular production.

These products would be great for those who like to take part in Tempo Sessions, Marathon Training, Ultra Running and other forms of regular exercise as Magnesium is known to help reduce muscle tension. The mineral helps regulate muscle and nerve function which can reduce the chances of your muscles twitching and cramping during and after exercise. Throughout exercise you may also experience a build-up of lactic acid, shin splints and painful muscles. By using some of these Ancient Minerals Magnesium products you can speed up your recovery time, reduce fatigue and avoid injuries.

We are currently stocking the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes, Oil Ultra, Lotion with Melatonin and Cream Ultra with CBD. For more information about the use and benefits of each product visit their individual product pages.

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